bobcatThe Childress County area was first inhabited by displaced Comanche Indians and later by early ranchers that arrived around 1800. The county was created in 1876 from the Bexar and Young districts and in 1887 Childress County was established and named for the author of the Texas Declaration of Independence, George C. Childress.

The city of Childress, the county seat and largest town with a population of 7,686 is situated at the intersection of 2 major highways U.S. 287 & U.S. 83. It also lies in the path of the Burlington Northern / Santa Fe Railway and hosts a city airport capable of handling all size aircraft. Childress County is seated in the southeast corner of the Texas panhandle near the draining forks of the Red River which begins the northern border between Texas and Oklahoma. The county is geographically situated in the rolling prairie/plains area. The soil composition is mixed and promotes a solid agriculture base to the county’ s economy. Agricultural incomes include cotton, beef cattle, wheat, peanuts, hay, and sorghum. County geographics also promote recreational activities on the acclaimed Baylor Lake and creeks in the way of fishing and the hunting of turkey, quail, wild hog and deer.
In addition to wildlife recreation, Childress boasts a beautiful city park accessible for scenic drives, R V camping, picnics, and fishing. It is noted for its Holiday light display which attracts visitors from a 90 miles radius. Childress is a recognized travel stop for motorists en-route to the mountain country. It boasts of several nice motels and a diverse cuisine of eating establishments. An ATV Park, county museum, and a variety of athletic fields offer a variety of recreational activities.

Demographically, Childress County is a rural non-metropolitan county and is ranked 185th in population of the 254 counties in Texas. The ethnic breakdown is 70% Anglo, 15% Hispanic, 5% Black, and 0.6 other. The county’s population is made up of 54.3% males and 45.7% females. The county’s age distribution is 13% under ten years of age, l3% ten to seventeen, 15% eighteen to twenty-nine, 23% thirty to forty nine, 15% fifty to sixty four, and 21% sixty five and over .

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